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Q&C Cleaning cartridge

An empty, disassembled cartridge that can be used for descaling and disinfecting the Nano.


An automated washing program will be coming soon, which can be started from the app. Until then, we can carry out the cleaning manually as follows:

After dismantling, fill it with a bottle of Q&C Cleaning Agent chemical. Place the filled cleaning cartridge in place of the filter cartridge. After that, opening the room temperature water, the incoming water washes the chemical inside the Nano. When you see the chemical coming out of the machine, repeat the process with cold and hot water. After that, let the machine stand for at least an hour. Repeat the process with hot water several times, with a short wait. After that, rinse with hot water until the chemical is no longer visible. Finally, put the filter cartridge back and rinse the remaining chemical from each function with a generous 3-4 liters of water.


  • Aluminum cleaning cartridge
  • Reusable, rechargeable

Q&C Cleaning cartridge

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