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W Life Professional Filter Replacement and Servicing

W Life Professional Servicing is our professional water dispenser machine preventive maintenance service. The service includes:


👌 Perform 16-point machine check

👌 Perform tank and faucet sterilisation

👌 Perform total cleaning: includes tank cleaning, tube cleaning and disinfecting external casing

👌 Replacement of Water Filter:


Types of Filters

✅ Stage 1: Sediment filters (removes particles in untreated water)

✅ Stage 2: Pre-Carbon Filters (removes chlorine, bad taste, colour & odor)

✅ Stage 3: UF Membrane Filters (removes bacteria, virus and other pathogens. *Covid-19 Preventive Measures)

✅ Stage 4: Silver Carbon Filters (Enhance the taste of water)

✅ Alkaline: Reacts with purified water to produce Alkaline water


*Certified by NSF International to produce clean and safe drinking water We service and maintain all dispenser, boilers and water coolers.

W Life Professional Filter Replacement and Servicing

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