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Water Purifier Filter Replacement (Single)

Want to enjoy crystal clear water all the time with your dispenser? Let the specialist do the job and save the hassle.


All 4-stage filtration systems are from Unikul - Korea Premium Filters (100% Authentic Korea Water Filters)


Key Features of Filter System:

👍Removes up to 99% of contaminants such as chlorine, bacteria, virus, bad taste and odor)

👍Certified by NSF International to produce clean and safe drinking water


We service and maintain all dispenser, boilers and water coolers. Compatible brands: Livingcare, Raslok, Ioncare, Triple lifestyle, Ruhens, Magic, Puredien, Coway, Purikool, Cuckoo, AmGlow, Liveinpure, Drinkstar Asia, AOX, Oceans and all conventional water dispensers.


Water Purifier Filter Replacement (Single)

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